Retail is a $4 trillion U.S. market in which modern shoppers can check competitive pricing on their mobile devices, and directly buy from anyone, in under a minute.

Keeping up with Online Competitors

Many brick and mortar retailers are concerned about retail as they know it, especially since price matching online retailers is known to be a race to the bottom strategy.

Loss of revenue due to Overstock, Out-of-Stock and Returns

Inefficiencies that result in monies left on the table and the loss of sales that otherwise would be available.

Lack of In-Store Metrics

Beacons are only solving part of the problem, and retailers still lack the ability to properly identify the specific product being viewed by a customer.

Lack of Real Time Competitive Insights

The inability to respond to market fluctuations quickly when online counterparts are constantly and rapidly repricing.

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Confidently control the modern shopping experience.



Conversion Rate

Innovate your in-store Experience

Real world shopping – reinvented for the digital age.

Sirch is changing the way brick and mortar retailers compete for business.

With Sirch, innovative retailers can compete with online stores
and provide a unique mobile experience.

Sirch is a retail focused solution providing retailers complete control over the in-store mobile experience.

When Shoppers decide to showroom, the biggest driver by far are
lower prices (69%)

When Shoppers decide not to showroom, they are primarily motivated by timing and convenience

Improve gross margin and revenue by intelligently adjusting the variables (eg. up sell, coupons, shipping, etc) to compete to win for the sale

Accurately know how your products are priced within the landscape and make real time in-store adjustments.

Why Dynamic Pricing Matters

Retailers should never willingly let online-only retailers use brick-and-mortar stores as a showroom to undercut their prices and margins. E-commerce retailers have had a leg up over their brick-and-mortar counterparts in terms of using insights they glean via data and analytics to improve their bottom line. Ensure your brick and mortar stores don’t get left in the dust as online retailers reprice frequently.

Convert More Customers In-Store

• Increase engagement with product information  and reviews.

• Influence purchases in real time on the consumers mobile devices.

Gain Actionable Insights

• Deliver a personalized shopping experience

• Optimize inventory and pro-actively monitor competitive pricing

• Big data opportunities (identify and understand key trends through realtime shopper data)

Take the guesswork out of price competition

• Leverage  pricing technology to know how your prices stack up against online and offline retailers.

• Dynamically automate pricing and offers while consumers are in the store.

Increase Revenue & Reduce Margin Erosion

• Move Inventory Faster

• Leverage timely up-sell opportunities to offer complimentary products, or warranty extensions.

• Compete to win with Dynamic Pricing   (vs Price Matching).

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For retailers Sirch delivers a solution that provides in store shopping analytics, actionable insights while delivering a modern and relevant mobile shopping experience.

“While pricematching is an obvious way for retailers to avoid losing sales to showroomers, retailers also need to seriously consider and develop strategies to attract and engage consumers”

Joe Colopy, CEO , Bronto Software





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Pet Goods

Modern customers are demanding a modern shopping experience - mobile gives them the ability to engage with your business any time, and the expectation that you’ll be there to service them.

Increase Customer Buying Confidence

Remove the friction to purchase by allowing customers price transparency, combined with dynamic offers, consumers can feel assured that they are getting trustworthy information.

Provide an Improved Customer Experience

Innovating the
in-store shopping experience by highlighting a new and desired shopping process, shows the modern consumer that they can get what they want, when they want it without channel barriers.

Are you ready to change how you engage with mobile customers?